D13: Sing

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Today was a lesson in having a plan before going out to shoot. I recently read that you should always have a plan and/or vision before setting out to shoot. If not, it’s difficult to be productive.

That’s exactly what happened to me today. I wanted to get out and shoot but had no vision of what I was looking to capture. I started out very unproductive…Luckily I headed to the Tempe Center for the Arts. I figured I’d be able to find something interesting there and I did. These orange pegs are some sort of colored acrylic with pieces of recycled plastic in it. Some have words in them and a few had sheet music in them. They were embedded in a concrete wall and lit by the sunlight from outside.

Read: Embracing Constraints … And Rambo by Scott McClellan. Not photography related but still very applicable to photography.

Images: Watched a photostream of Scott Hayne’s work on his website after seeing him mentioned on Tasra365. Love his style.

Music: Amy Seeley – Her music is playing on Scott Hayne’s photstream which I posted above. Since I couldn’t post my image for today due to technical issues I thought I’d share her music instead. Lovely artist. – update: image is now posted

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