D11: Time

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Today I made an attempt at a product shoot. I did it with a makeshift light box and a single speedlight. Needless to say I’ve got more learning to do but I think my first shot at it didn’t turn out too bad.

It always seems like there’s never enough time in the day. There’s so many things to do, see, and experience every day.  Most of the time I find myself staying up late reading or working on personal projects. Sometimes I stay up late to watch a movie or show that I can’t watch while my 6yr old is awake. If someone told me that I could add additional time to my day with the swipe of a credit card I might seriously consider taking them up on that offer…if it were possible.

If you could buy more hours in a day would you? What would you pay for more time?

Read: Shooting Product Like a Pro – The Digital Photography Book Vol.3 by Scott Kelby

Images: Looked through the Black and White set and some other sets of Jeff Jacobson (moacur) on flickr.


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