D3: Do Work

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Today is the first official post on this blog. I’m off to a slow start this year. I was out of town visiting family without my computer. The only thing I wanted to do was relax and sleep after driving for 11 hours yesterday.

I’ve had quite a few days of vacation over past two weeks. Most of the time was spent relaxing and visiting family. Tomorrow we’ll all be back to the daily grind of work and school. Out and about running errands, cooking dinner, doing laundry, homework, carting children off to sports and extracurricular activities, pursuing New Years resolutions, etc. All of this can be stressful. This image is a glimpse of what our family life consists of: College studies, religion, photography, travel, and work (company laptop).

As the first weekend of the new year closes and we head into the first work week of the year, what will you do on Monday?

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Images: Paul Steinke’s One A Day, Every Day. Paul Steinke is the first Feature Friday photographer for 2010 on tasra365.


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